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Judicial action, which is too often required to validate or enforce the right of ownership, may lead to litigation, to safeguard a disputed right or reclaim a lost right, or to enforce ownership to illicitly occupied property, by way of eviction. Taking advantage of the reputation for reliability and competence of the UClegal is a sure way of guaranteeing full enjoyment of the right to ownership.

Our uninterrupted half-century track record giving legal services in the Dominican Republic has involved permanent presence before the courts. We have abundant experience with lawsuits for collection of debts, rescission of contracts, indemnification for losses and damages, referral injunctions, forced and voluntary intervention by third parties, enforcement of protected rights, and others.

Court decisions on actions involving our firm have come to constitute major legal precedents, in forced eviction, licensing contracts under the archaically restrictive Law 173, contractual civil liability, and other matters.

Freddy Zarzuela