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Family Law in the Dominican Republic consists of a set of legal provisions aimed at regulating relations between members of a same family unit, arising from originating from kinship and one common patrimony.

In this regard, we have great experience in handling inheritance related matters, mainly partition processes of great complexity. Our skills in conducting negotiations and a traditionally conciliatory philosophy in handling such cases, has allowed us to reach harmonious and extrajudicial settlements between successors in conflict, with the consequent reduction of legal costs and time that this entails for the benefit of our clients. We also provide legal advice to foreign clients that must exhaust the necessary formalities for the transmission to its name of the estate established in the territory of the Dominican Republic.

We also offer the following services:
Divorce for irreconcilable differences.
Divorce by mutual consent.
Quick Divorce.
Custody of Minor Children.
Family Council.
Cancellation of Homestead.
Interdiction Procedure.
Separate Property Agreement.
Rectification of Vital Records.
Recognition and Unrecognition of Paternity Lawsuits.
Estate Partition Lawsuit.
Partition of Community Property Lawsuit.

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