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Abogados & Notaría Ulises Cabrera, also known as UClegal, was founded half a century ago by Dr. Ulises Cabrera and is still inspired, by the example and passion of his career.

Our professional staff remains faithful to the traditional ethics and principles of Dr. Cabrera even as they bring their own personalities and specialties, producing synergy by melding old and new ways of practicing law.

Our commitment is to the client. Our personal and personalized service efficiently and responsibly implements the most effective practices allowed by the law, obtaining optimum results for each case.

UClegal has earned and consolidated a reputation as a firm uniquely positioned within the country. We were called as consultants to the State for the major overhauls of Dominican Legislation, including the General Law on Electricity and the Real Properties Registration Law. Over fifty years, this experience has extended to the world as a whole.

Our penchant for service goes beyond the law. We hold to the conviction that working towards the betterment of our surroundings is a duty and a privilege. It is the right thing to do and, frankly, it is good for business. Our program of corporate responsibility to society as a whole is on par with the reputation we have earned as a law firm and reflects favorably on our clients as well.